Battle of Talents 2011 Reality Show

Ben TV UK Presents Battle of Talents 2011

BEN Television London is the first UK multicultural urban channel which covers Great Britain and Ireland, potentially reaching more than 8-million homes on the Sky platform, with 1.5 million viewers weekly in the UK alone. The Channel also reaches out to Europe and Africa, potentially reaching more than 30-million satellite accessible digital homes. BEN Television was launched in 2003 with the aim to narrow the gap in information flow between Africans in the Diaspora and the Continent of Africa (hence the BEN slogan – Bridging the Gap). As part of the plans to launch BEN TV into the rapidly expanding Nigerian television market, bringing a globally tested and successful television structure into the local industry; the channel will be organizing a proudly Nigerian reality TV show tagged ‘BATTLE OF TALENTS’.


About the Competition

bbattle of the talents bentv This is a totally Nigerian initiative and a brainchild of BEN TV UK, this show is designed to define, capture, promote and champion anything and everything positive about Nigeria. The show will portray Nigerians as not only talented, but also as strong, positive individuals. The Nigerian entertainment scene is gradually emerging as a force to reckon with both in the local and international scene, so this proudly Nigerian show will open a new portal through which creative Nigerians can showcase their various skills and talents.

THE BATTLE OF TALENTS is a TV talent search posed to discover the next big thing in the music industry and comedy. There will be a nationwide search for 20 individuals who would pit against each other in a controlled environment; they would go through rigorous trainings such as voice, writing lyrics, social etiquette and will also execute a series of tasks before they will finally appear in a weekly performance to showcase their talents and what they have learned in the course of their various trainings. The aim is to give individuals with budding talents the opportunities to become stars. To also promote the activities of the Nigerian entertainment industry through our home grown music. To also use this avenue to create role models and reinforce the interests of our old patrons in music.


THE BATTLE OF TALENTS is not just looking for attractive young hopefuls but for talented and charismatic individuals within the ages of 18 – 29. These individuals or performers in the making will have the potential to be the next big star. The strongest element of this show is to watch how the performers struggle to create and write their own lyrics within a particular given time.


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